Ramp It Up: The Advantages Of Choosing Stainless Steel Balustrades For Your Disability Access Ramp

If you run any kind of building or facility open to the public, from a private school to a financial institution, providing easy access to areas about ground level for your disabled patrons is both ethically and legally necessary. Disability access ramps are a popular choice for providing this access, as they are generally more affordable and practical than wheelchair lifts, and accessible ramps are a common sight both inside and outside public buildings. Read More 

Bring the authencity of reclaimed wood to your home

If you need some wood for a project around your home, then you could go directly to the nearest DIY store or timber yard and purchase what you you need. Wood from the timber yard is clean, straight, and ready for you to begin work, but it is also really boring! Wood from the timber yard looks exactly the same as any other piece of wood with nothing of interest to the observer. Read More 

3 Tips for Successful Basement Drilling

When you want to run conduit pipes or cabling through your basement to the house, you will need to carry out some drilling. However, you need to be careful when undertaking the project. Use of the wrong techniques in basement drilling can upset your home's foundation or increase the risk of basement flooding. You will be faced with a bigger problem at hand if your basement starts to leak and develop mould. Read More 

Making the Right Mark - Plastic Laser Engraving Explained

Plastic laser engraving allows manufacturers to create all sorts of marks on their products. Although professional laser cutting focuses on shaping materials so that they can be made to very specific dimensions, engraving burns away a shallow amount of material so that maker's brands, serial numbers or part descriptions can be etched indelibly into plastics. How is this done and what do product designers need to consider when weighing up the merits of this industrial process? Read More 

The Best Guide to Selecting and Installing a Dumbwaiter in Your Commercial Building

You want to set up a tall commercial building for your multifaceted business and you have to serve refreshments to your employees every day. It would be extravagant of you to set up a kitchen on every floor used by your employees. Additionally, you can also use too much money if you need waiters to walk around manually with delicacies and serve everyone in the office. Thankfully, vertically moving dumbwaiters can come to your rescue and help you move refreshments from one floor to the other. Read More