Top Reasons to Use an Automatic Labelling Machine in Your Jam Factory

If your business makes and packages its own jam, then you need to have the right equipment in your facility. You might already have commercial or industrial-grade equipment that you use to actually make the jam. Additionally, you might have filling and canning machines that you use to fill jars with your company's jam. What you might not have, though, is an automatic labelling machine. However, an automatic labelling machine is a good addition to just about any jam factory for these reasons and more.

Ensure Your Products Look Professional

First of all, if you run a small jam company, then you might be working on building up a good reputation for your business. Of course, making sure that you offer good-quality, delicious jam is the most important thing. However, how you package your jam matters, too. You need to ensure that your jam jars are all properly and professionally labelled, and you'll want to be sure that those labels look good, too. Having labels professionally printed and using an automatic labelling machine to put them on your jars are two good things to do. If you use an automatic labelling machine, you can be sure that your labels are applied securely and put on straight.

Provide Nutrition Information

There are mandatory food labelling requirements in Australia, and it's important for you to follow these requirements if you are going to be making jam that you sell to the general public. Therefore, make sure that you have labels printed that have all of the required information. Plus, you probably want your customers to be well-informed about things like sugar content, calories and ingredients that are contained in your jam. Once you have made the required labels, use your automatic labelling machine to be sure that your jam jars are labelled as they should be.

Operate a More Efficient and Productive Factory

Lastly, even though it's possible for your employees to apply labels by hand themselves, you're probably going to find it to be better to use an automatic labelling machine. With an automatic labelling machine, you can get your jam jars labelled much more quickly, so you can operate a more efficient and productive factory. Plus, you can save on payroll, too, since you won't need to have as many employees working on labelling; after all, the machine should do the majority of the work.

As you can see, there are a few reasons why you should implement the use of an automatic labelling machine in your factory, if you haven't done so already. Luckily, there are various machines that you can choose from that work with labels of different types and sizes, as well as jars and other containers in different sizes. Once you have chosen the right automatic labelling machine, you will probably find that it will benefit your facility.