The Essential Principles of Accessible Sign Design

With the vast array of fonts, sizes, colours and designs available when assembling a sign or collection of signs, it can be easy to forget the central purpose of the sign itself: to convey information. The success of a sign is dependent upon this one factor, first and foremost. With this in mind, consider the following key principles of accessible sign design. Contrast To ensure that your signage is as easily read as possible, choose your text and background colours carefully. Read More 

Three Important Parameters for Cooling Tower Water Treatment

Cooling towers are designed to reject heat from HVAC equipment and industrial plant machinery by utilising water. Therefore, proper water treatment is essential for this cooling device to operate efficiently. In addition, this practice will prevent degradation of the cooling tower components and ensure longevity. Generally, there are different elements which affect the water quality in a cooling tower, and these must be evaluated when creating an ideal maintenance program or system. Read More 

Concrete Cutting: Understanding Factors Affecting Blade Longevity

Concrete cutting is an important process in the modification of building structures constructed using concrete or masonry materials. Typically, this task is performed using a concrete saw, which can be a simple handheld tool or even walk-behind machine. This type of equipment is usually fitted with a diamond saw blade. The component provides the power required to cut into cured construction surfaces. In general, diamond blades are designed and manufactured to provide long-term service. Read More 

Happy Bending: The Advantages of Choosing Induction Bent Pipes Over Pipe Elbows

Looking at a length of formidable, industrial-strength steel piping, it's hard to imagine how such a thing could ever be bent. However, when it comes to redirecting a pipe in a large industrial or commercial complex, ordinary pipe elbows aren't always fit for purpose, and can form a potentially disastrous weak point when used in high-pressure industrial processes. To increase the strength and overall safety of a complex piping system, consider having pipes bent using induction bending to replace standard pipe elbows. Read More 

Features to Look For In a PVC Strip Curtain for Your Facility

Your commercial facility may need to use a PVC strip curtain for a variety of reasons; these keep cool rooms, walk-in freezers, and computer server rooms cool without having to close an actual heavy door. In an entryway, they can reduce the amount of dust and other debris that come through the door, while still making it easy for hectic forklift traffic to come in and out. When you shop for a PVC strip curtain, you may see more choices than you were expecting; since this curtain is very important for protecting those areas of your facility, note a few tips on making your choice and features to look for. Read More