Top Reasons Why Manufacturers Should Choose Wooden Pallets

The success of any manufacture ring operations hinges on the ability to transport goods through a supply chain efficiently and effectively. Pallets facilitate the achievement of this target primarily because they are a critical component of the supply and distribution network. That said, pallets come in a variety of materials, but wood and plastic are the most common. While each type of pallet has its benefits, there is a reason why wooden pallets are a popular choice among manufacturers. This article highlights the reasons.

Ease of Repair

Pallets experience a lot of abuse primarily through road transport. Since wooden pallets are reusable, excellent care must be taken to ensure they are well maintained. However, over time it becomes impossible to prevent damage to wood pallets, and repairs become necessary. This is where hardwood pallets prove a better option compared to other types because they are easy to repair. All that is needed to repair damaged wooden pallets is to replace broken planks with new ones and loose fasteners with fresh nails. Moreover, repairing hardwood pallet takes a shorter time compared to metal pallets.


Customers have become increasingly conscious of their environment and are demanding more sustainability policies from businesses. For most manufacturers, recycling ranks high up the list of sustainability policies, and wooden pallets are at the core. Once they cannot be used in the supply chain, the usefulness of wooden pallets does not stop there. They can easily be transformed into different functional products in a manufacturing plant. For instance, used wooden pallet planks can be transformed into wall artwork once they are sanded and cut to size. They can also be used to make planters either in the offices or exterior gardens. Used wooden pallets are also excellent for making benches and tables that can be used in manufacturing dining or relaxation stations in a facility.

Low Cost

Logistics can be quite costly if you are not moving the right volumes because the amount of money manufacturers pay for space is charged per square footage. Therefore, transporting smaller quantities is not financially sound. You still have to deal with cost issues even if you have the volume but lack enough pallets. Therefore, to maximise the space on a logistics truck, train, or plane, you must get as many pallets as your volumes can handle. Wooden pallets are the better choice in this regard mainly because they are less expensive. Therefore, manufacturers can order as many as they want without denting their bank accounts.