Space-Saving Staircases: The Benefits of Floating Staircases

If you're renovating your home and you don't have much room to play with, then you'll be doing your best to create space where you can. If your current staircase needs replacing or just isn't working for you, then you could consider putting in a floating staircase instead. What are the space benefits?

Floating Stairs Make Space

Floating staircases use a different kind of support to regular stairs. Your current stairs may be boxed in, and their structure may mean that the space under the stairs is taken up by the underlying supports. You may have room for a small cupboard under the stairs now; however, this space is often a little wasted.

If you switch to a floating staircase, then the space under the stairs is freed up. You can put furniture there or use it as a place for storage units. This gives you more space in the room than you would have with a traditional staircase.

Floating Stairs Have Versatile Placement

Traditional staircases usually need to be by walls for support. This effectively means that you lose a wall in the room to the stairs. If you don't have a lot of room, then wall space is at a premium and can be very useful for you. For example, a free wall is a great place for bookcases or storage furniture.

Floating staircases can be located anywhere in a room, even in the middle of it. They don't need to be placed by a wall, and you can design your room around them.

Floating Stairs Make Rooms Look Bigger

As well as freeing up useful space, a floating staircase also makes rooms look bigger and more open. The fact that they aren't enclosed or don't have anything under them gives the illusion of space. This can make even a tiny room look a lot bigger than it really is.

Although versatile, floating staircases do need extra care during the construction and installation process. For example, your staircase doesn't have traditional supports, so you will need specialist help to design its structure, especially if you want to locate your stairs in an unusual place or want an unusual design.

To find out how a floating staircase can make your home bigger, talk to custom staircase manufacturers. They can help you choose the right location for your stairs and design a staircase that fits in well with your home's overall look.