Bring the authencity of reclaimed wood to your home

If you need some wood for a project around your home, then you could go directly to the nearest DIY store or timber yard and purchase what you you need. Wood from the timber yard is clean, straight, and ready for you to begin work, but it is also really boring! Wood from the timber yard looks exactly the same as any other piece of wood with nothing of interest to the observer.

There is a more interesting alternative if you want to build something with timber that preserves a real sense of history, where the very surface of the wood tells a story, then you need to head for your nearest timber salvage yard. A timber salvage yard will have plenty of reclaimed wood and recycled bricks which you can incorporate into whatever you are building.

What materials can you find in a timber salvage yard?

In the salvage yard, you will be able to purchase wood to make into almost anything. Would you like a floor made from reclaimed wood? How about a new wooden table, a set of chairs, or a decorative mirror? Using wood from a timber salvage yard brings a natural warmth into your property as your new furniture offers a real sense of authenticity that is missing from modern furniture.

Is wood from a timber salvage yard easy to work with?

Generally you are able to work with reclaimed wood in exactly the same way that you would work with any other wood, but there are a few things that can trip you up if you have never used recycled wood before.

When purchasing reclaimed wood it is wise to purchase slightly more wood than you would purchase from a DIY store as reclaimed wood doesn't always arrive even and straight. Occasionally you may find that one end of the wood has been dipped in paint or have been damaged by water and is unusable.

One common problem that can occur with reclaimed timber is that you come across wood that has a few nails in it. Most nails should have been removed by the timber salvage yard but sometimes a piece of timber may slip through with a nail still embedded. You will need to watch for these nails and remove any that you find before you start to cut the wood.

By observing these simple guidelines you can soon start to enjoy the benefits of salvaged wood in your home.