Tips for Constructing Concrete Columns for Building Structures

Concrete columns are vital to the construction of building structures. The columns may be constructed for support, and, in some cases, they are used in decorating the building to create a specific visual impression. In the olden days, concrete columns were used in beautifying the buildings. If you look at most historical buildings, you will discover that the concrete columns were used to enhance them. However, reinforced concrete columns are essential in giving a building structure well-founded strength. Several components, such as formatubes, are used in building concrete columns. Here are some tips for constructing concrete columns for building structures.

Setting up a concrete base

 A strong concrete base is required for column forming. Excavate a ditch to a depth capacity and construct a slab form that will be used as a base. You should make use of the polyethylene builders film as the concrete slab underlay, which is used to block vapor continuously. Concrete needs support for supplementary strength and to prevent cracks. Therefore, you should add a steel bar to the foundation before pouring the concrete.

Concrete mixture

After setting up your base, you can pour the concrete into it. A concrete mixture comprises of four components – sand, water, cement, and small stones or gravel. To form a concrete mix in smaller batches, you should mix 1 bucket of cement, 3 buckets of sand, 3 buckets of the small stones or gravel, and ½ bucket of water to form a paste that will bind all the components together until it hardens. (The buckets are substituted for cubic feet.) You should maintain the proportion of the components even if you are forming a concrete mix in larger batches.

Concrete column

There are several ways of forming a concrete column. You can form a column with steel bars or purchase the ready-made concrete column. You could also make use of innovative concrete forming tubes, such as formatubes. These tubes are the easiest and fastest way of creating columns for building constructions. Once the concrete has been poured into the tubes or forms, they can be removed when the concrete has hardened to a satisfactory level. The tubes are particularly designed for concrete column construction below and above the ground. They require little bracing to stand upright when used for concrete forming. Talk to a company like The Tubeworks about using formatubes for your concrete columns.

Concrete column forming tubes are useful for constructing commercial buildings, shopping malls, large residential projects, bridges, skyscrapers and other structural buildings. They help to simplify construction processes and speed up building projects by saving time and labor.