Why Wooden Crates Would Be Advantageous To Your Business

If you are in the manufacturing or shipping industry, storage and transportation solutions would be prudent for the efficiency of your business. One of the more popular options for these needs is crates. Nevertheless, you will find that you have a myriad of materials to make a choice from when opting to invest in crates. Wooden crates are one of the options that you will come across in your search for crates for your business. The following points outline the reasons why wooden crates would be advantageous to your business.

Wooden crates are affordably priced

Pricing is a crucial aspect to consider when contemplating pallets for your business. Investing in expensive materials could end up adversely affecting your bottom line, which would affect the profitability of your business. If you are looking for an economical solution for both storage as well as transportation, then wooden pallets would be a good choice to consider. One thing to note is that the materials used to construct these crates are readily available and do not have to be put through extensive processing. Therefore, wood crates would be cheaper to create when compared to other materials such as steel crates.

Wooden crates are easily stackable

A crucial aspect of storage is ensuring that you are making the most of the space available to you. If you opt for crates that cannot be stackable, you would be limited to the floor space available to you. This causes wastage in vertical spaces. As such, materials such as cardboard or plastic may not be suitable for people who would like to stack their crates. Wood, on the other hand, has high structural strength. This is because the walls of the crates are significantly thick, which enables them to withstand the weight of other crates being stacked on top of them. With wooden crates, you can use all the space accorded to you when either transporting or storing your goods as the vertical pressure of the crates will not adversely affect the ones underneath them. One thing to note when stacking your wooden crates is to ensure the cumulative weight of the crates has been distributed evenly as they are stacked. This is what enables the crates beneath to withstand the vertical pressure that is being exerted on them.

Wooden crates are moisture resistant

Most people will assume that all wood species would be susceptible to moisture damage. The reality is you can get wooden crates made from moisture resistant timber species. Some popular options include crates that have been manufactured from redwood or from cedar. These wood species have a naturally high resistance to moisture, which ensures your goods will stay protected. You can also opt to seal them with an additional protective barrier.