Deodorising Your Fridge - Natural Remedies for Cleaning

Keeping your refrigerator clean and odour free will ensure you are eating the freshest foods without the risk of contamination. Regular cleaning is needed, however if you dislike the idea of using harsh chemicals you may find that making your own cleaners and odour neutralisers are more to your liking. 

First and foremost when storing strong smelling food in your fridge try to seal it up in a freezer bag that has been sealed with a clip or tied up. Half cut onions, garlic, pet food and cooked meat are common culprits that will taint anything that hasn't been properly protected. Secondly check the dates on everything regularly, as this will help to reduce the risk of moulds forming that can also contaminate other foods. If you have multiple items of the same product place the oldest one at the front so that you always have the longest shelf life possible. Finally clean up any spills as soon as they occur, milk often drips to the bottom of the carton and can cause a thick cream to develop in the recesses of your shelf which can trap dirt and grime. Meat juice is another culprit, however this can have serious health implications if ingested. 

Neutralising odours and removing stains is simple enough and very inexpensive, however to avoid tainting your food whenever you clean your fridge try to remove everything and store it in a cool box to preserve its freshness. Baking soda has always been used as a versatile cleaning product and can be used on everything from sinks to fridges. Once the fridge has been emptied mix a thick paste of water and baking soda and use it to scrub away any spills and stains. Alternatively you can mix essential oils, water and white vinegar together for a fresh cleaner that not only cleans, buts gives your fridge a fresh scent. Just be careful not to use too much essential oil as this can taint food as well. 

Once you've cleaned your fridge keeping it odour free is easy. Using a flat plate or a jar, place instant coffee granules or baking soda in it and leave it to rest at the bottom of the fridge for 24 hours. It should absorb any unwanted smells, which will get removed along with the powder. This can be done whenever you need to, however try to use cheap coffee and baking soda from the supermarket; most companies sell cheap home brands which are usually sold in bigger packs to further save money.