Why TPV Extrusions Are Ideal for the Manufacturing Industry

A TPV (thermoplastic vulcanizates) extrusion is a polymer or a type of plastic that contains a mixture of rubber particles and polypropylene. This material is very popular among owners of industrial complexes due to several factors. This article discusses some of the reasons why you should fabricate industrial machine parts for your factory from TPV extrusions.

Dimensional Stability

Industrial equipment is exposed to challenging operating conditions, such as extreme pressure in hydraulic parts and intense heat in moving parts. These conditions can easily cause components made from less robust materials, such as rubber, to wear out quickly. Components made from TPV extrusions remain stable in the most challenging industrial applications. For instance, they can withstand relatively high temperatures without melting. Such resilience makes this material a good choice if you would like to fabricate machine parts that will last.

 Aesthetic Appearance

The thermoplastic component of the TPV extrusion allows manufacturers of machine components to have a surface finish that is smooth to the touch. The material can also be manufactured in different colours to suit the needs of the client. This attribute of TPV extrusions can save you from many ongoing maintenance costs, such as the need to paint colour coded pipes periodically. The inbuilt colour of the TPV cannot be lost as the component ages. The aesthetic attributes of this material are even more important in this era when customers wish to reach the manufacturing section of an industry so that they can interact with workers to personalise their order.

Design Flexibility

Different industries have unique requirements that equipment components need to address. For instance, the food processing industry requires the use of equipment whose parts will not degrade to the extent that particles of the material contaminate the products being processed. TPV extrusions are an ideal material for use in such demanding sectors because they can easily be fused with other materials in order to meet the specific requirements of a given application, such as improving chemical resistance or product hardness.

TPV extrusions can be found in varying grades. It may not be easy for you as a factory owner to decide which grade would be ideal for the production of the equipment components that you desire. You should therefore consult a professional so that he or she advises you about the best TPV grade for your needs. Only then will you be able to enjoy the benefits discussed above.