Safe and Sound: Why You Should Use Steel for Your Conservatory Base

Conservatories are a great place to relax in the summer. They can also add thousands to the value of your home. However, although the design and look of your conservatory will likely be your priority, you should also ensure you choose a suitable base for your situation. You can either measure and dig your foundations or opt for a specially designed steel base.

Before you choose your base, it is important that you understand the differences between steel and traditional bases. Steel bases have certain advantages that might suit your particular situation.

If you are trying to choose a base for your conservatory, consider the following advantages offered by a steel base before you make your decision.

Steel Bases Can be Finished Quickly

Are you struggling for time? A steel base takes much less time to install than a traditional conservatory base, which involves weeks of measuring and digging. Whether you hire a builder or you do it yourself, preparing the ground for a conservatory can be a long and arduous task. If you are short of time then, steel is the best way to go.

Steel Bases are Prefabricated

The steel frames used in conservatory bases don't take weeks to prepare. You can order a steel base to your own specifications or those of the company from which you are purchasing. Once you have your steel base installed and after minimal digging, you can begin building the rest of your conservatory within hours.

Walls Can be Built Quickly

Traditional conservatories tend to utilize bricks; however, this method is much slower than that used with steel bases. When you install a prefabricated steel base, you'll be able to quickly create concrete walls with fast-setting concrete. Steel frames can be filled with concrete, which will enable you to build comfortably on top of them.

Steel Bases Have No Access Issues

One of the most important differences between a steel base and a traditional base is that prefabricated pieces of structural steel don't require much space to work with. You won't need machines to prepare the area. All steel frames can be assembled piece by piece in your yard.

However, if you choose to go with a traditional base, you need to prepare for access issues. Is there enough room for the digger to access your yard, or will you need to create room? If space is an issue, a steel base is the way to go.

A Steel Base Won't Damage Your Drainage

If you install a steel conservatory base, you will be required to do very little digging. This is a big positive, especially if you are working alone. One of the issues that arise from installing a traditional base is that you could end up damaging your drainage system, by rupturing a pipe for example. This could get messy, as well as costly.

However, this isn't an issue when you use a steel base. There is little need to dig because the steel frames rest on mat padding, meaning there is little risk of your drainage being damaged in the construction of the base.

Locate a Steel Fabricator Near You

If you decide to choose a steel base over a traditional base, you should seek out a structural steel fabricator in your area. With your specifications, they can manufacture the steel frames you need for your conservatory base. However, when choosing your steel provider, be selective.

In recent times, there has been an influx of lower quality fabricated steel coming over from China. If you plan to use a steel base, then ensure that you choose a local Australian steel fabricator. That way, you can be sure your steel is of a high quality.

For more information on purchasing fabricated steel, contact a company like Ready Steel.