Features to Look For In a PVC Strip Curtain for Your Facility

Your commercial facility may need to use a PVC strip curtain for a variety of reasons; these keep cool rooms, walk-in freezers, and computer server rooms cool without having to close an actual heavy door. In an entryway, they can reduce the amount of dust and other debris that come through the door, while still making it easy for hectic forklift traffic to come in and out. When you shop for a PVC strip curtain, you may see more choices than you were expecting; since this curtain is very important for protecting those areas of your facility, note a few tips on making your choice and features to look for.

Locking ribs

If you need maximum temperature control on either area of the PVC curtain, opt for locking ribs. These are strips that have a type of trench on either side of the strip which locks into the strip next to it. Locking the strips together keeps out drafts from either side of the curtain and offers the most airtight seal for that space.

UV resistant

In warm or tropical areas, you might want to get UV resistant strips. These will reflect UV light from the sun outside the curtain rather than letting it pass through. The UV resistant material may actually be light in colour so you can still see through the curtain as needed, but this material can help to keep your area cool. It will also help to avoid sun damage on delicate items, food items, flowers, and other such things being stored in your facility.

Food safe

If you're using the PVC curtain where foodstuffs or medicine are stored, you may need to have them designated as being food safe. PVC is very thick and naturally resistant to bacteria, but this doesn't mean that any PVC curtain will be as hygienic as required by law. Be sure you check any local requirements for curtains and storage surfaces for your items, and look for this in particular when shopping for a curtain.


Static often builds up in very dry and dusty environments, or where there are a lot of electrical pieces being used. This static can travel to the PVC curtains and then cause shock when someone touches a strip. If this is a risk in your facility, be sure you check for anti-static strips. These will not conduct electricity very well so that there is little chance of static and those resultant and dangerous shocks.